Home Nursing Services


HOME NURSING SERVICES is led by Damai Specialist Hospital's nursing team which aims to:

Provide personalized service to patients who require further nursing care in the comfort and privacy of their own home after discharge from hospital.

Ensure continuity of treatment to patients with chronic diseases without the difficult of bringing them to the hospital.

Provide post natal to both mother and baby during the confinement period.


More comfortable with home environment

Personalized attention to the patient

More time for individual nursing care

More privacy for patient and family

Able to educate & involve whole family

Confidentially confined to only family members

Cheaper than hospitalization

Type of Services offered:

Post Natal Care

Physical examination of mother & baby

Check of episiotomy wound

Lactation counselling

Bath baby

Care of umbilical cord

Post natal education

(Packages of 7 visits at discounted price)


Wound dressing

Taking blood samples

Insertion of IV line/Administer IV injection

Checking blood sugar & vital signs (BP, pulse)



Bathing/Sponging (Include training for caregiver)

Insert/change feeding Tube

Insert/change urinary catheter

Basic care:



Feeding (Oral/Tube feeding)

Hair washing

Perianal Care

If you are interested, kindly contact our Home Nursing Services staff at:

Tel: 088 222 922 Ext. 269 or Email us at homenursing@dsc.kpjhealth.com.my